The Sweet Beats​​

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Tom Hawkinson as John Lennon
As co-founder, Tom performed the part of John Lennon with the Midwest’s #1 Beatles Tribute Band for 10 years, (2001 thru 2011). Tom comes prepared with two of Lennon’s Black Rickenbacker 325’s (Ed Sullivan Performance), his Gibson J-160 Acoustic (This Boy), his 1965 Casino (Revolution) and his 1964 Vox AC-30 Amplifier. Tom is also a master of Lennon’s harmonica parts owning them all.
Gary Partin as Paul McCartney
Having performed across the stage from Hawkinson from 2007 to 2011, Gary has developed into a tremendous young McCartney. Once Gary joined, says Tom, the crowd reaction and level of shows we were offered exploded. Gary catapulted us to the next level. Gary plays a 1967 Hofner bass through Paul’s 1964 Vox Bass Amplifier.
Tom Brooks as George Harrison 
The only Sweet Beat to have actually met one of The Beatles. In 1969, a trip to London put him on a secluded London street with John Lennon & Yoko Ono.
Tom say's "they were both friendly conversational". He got a personal picture of the couple. Tom began his career as George Harrison with tribute, Ticket To Ride. The Sweet Beats were lucky enough to snatch him up in mid 2016 and he's happy to be a part of this fab four.

Dave Baxter as Ringo Starr
Although a newcomer to the land of Beatle Tributes, Dave Baxter is no stranger to the stage. A natural actor/musician, Dave is trained in both The Beatles’ and the British Invasion movement. Playing drums since the age of 12, Dave performed for a number of bands including the Vegas show band, The Van-Dells. Dave is a terrific find for the Sweet Beats. His detailed study of Ringo’s drumming has brought the entire band up to a new level of performance. Dave spends his day’s as a Lecturer in Mass Communication at Wright State University.